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How to minimize the stress, confusion of a divorce or separation

Let us show you how to make the entire divorce process shorter, simpler and less expensive.  It's all about putting aside small issues and focusing instead on what really matters -- child custody, support, division of property.  Learn more about the legal services offered by Edmonton divorce lawyers James Carr and Chris King.

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Carr Quinn King, among the best law offices in Edmonton with attorneys for divorce and wills and estates planning

What you need to know about separation agreements, prenups, postnups and cohabitation agreements

Learn about the legal agreements that some couples choose to sign before they get married (prenuptial and postnuptial agreement) or enter into a living arrangement with another person (cohabitation agreement).   We can also be very helpful with the crafting of a separation agreement that suits both parties - and will stand up in court.

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Recently Separated?
Wondering what happens now?

If you have recently separated from your spouse, we strongly recommend that you seek out an Edmonton divorce lawyer for a consultation. It is important to get early advice (even before attending mediation if you and your spouse agree to go to mediation) regarding your rights and responsibilities.

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Edmonton Family Law Legal Team

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