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Find an experienced divorce lawyer who can help you minimize the stress, confusion of a divorce or separation

Few things in life are as disruptive and painful as a divorce. But it is never wise to act rashly and every effort should be made to preserve some form of relationship, particularly if children are involved.

If you decide to proceed with a divorce, there is a path forward that will minimize the stress and confusion, particularly for children. There are also a number of options to help reduce the time and cost of a divorce or separation by avoiding going to court and instead opting for mediation which is offered by CK Family Law.

Expertise on what to do before you proceed with a divorce - Whether you are going through a contested or uncontested divorce, you are going to need to assemble information that needs to be shared with your spouse or the courts. This information includes a review of your financial assets, the assets of your spouse, a plan for the care of any children, a summary of your life goals and what you think are the goals of your spouse.

Education on how the Law applies to divorce - We will explain all your rights and responsibilities, an important step because having that expert legal advice can make it easier to protect your legal rights, reduce costs, minimize stress and shorten the time needed to achieve a favourable result.

Promote and encourage cooperation, not conflict - The entire divorce process can be shorter, simpler and less expensive if both spouses work together with their lawyers to negotiate a draft settlement agreement. You don't have to agree on every detail, but you should try to address the big issues: child custody, support, and the division of property. An initial draft agreement is transformed into a legally binding final agreement by the lawyers for each spouse. If an agreement cannot be reached through negotiation, mediation or collaborative law, litigation remains the last option.

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If you have recently separated from your spouse, we strongly recommend that you seek out an Edmonton divorce lawyer for a consultation. It is important to get early advice (even before attending mediation if you and your spouse agree to go to mediation) regarding your rights and responsibilities.

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